Who we are

Selmedico.com is the first C2M (customer to manufacturer) e-commerce portal  for healthcare professionals, institutions and companies. The platform allows you to make guaranteed and safe purchases of medical devices and health products in full compliance with the requirements of the EU. For more information, visit the How to Buy page.

The main advantage of participating in buying groups is being able to get the same services and products at a discounted price.

Selmedico.com offers quick access to a vast catalog of products in 6 languages for all the needs of modern healthcare facilities, medical professionals, especially those intended for dental practices.

Our history

Selmedico was born from the over ten years experience of the Founders in the healthcare and medical devices sector. Founded in Rome in 2020, it is a C2M (customer to manufacturer) platform in line with MDR regulations and in possession of all the necessary licenses for the online and offline sale of medical devices in Europe.

The company mission

Our mission is to create an effective and efficient online C2M channel, which allows manufacturers, distributors, institutions, companies and healthcare professionals to sell, promote and purchase high quality Medical Devices, quickly, transparently and safely .

Selmedico accompanies people and companies on a path of change and growth that can positively impact the human ecosystems in which they live and work.

Selmedico is a digital (and not) enabler of the user-customer experience.

The team

The Selmedico team specializes in the Healthcare & Medical market, and is able to effectively support companies and organizations that need help in the online marketing of medical devices.

Selmedico pays particular attention to the growth and training of its staff, so that they are able to face the challenges that the market offers.

Why choose us?

Because Selmedico is a reliable, expert and flexible partner.

Reliable because Selmedico has already earned the trust of institutions, companies, partners, suppliers and its customers for a long time: Selmedico is a concrete and consolidated reality.

Expert because the founders and team members have been present in the healthcare and medical device market for many years.

Flexible because the Team is able to react immediately to inputs and requests from the market and from our partners & customers.

Selmedico's values

Four elements convey our core values. 
Provide our  customers  high quality , safe , efficient and affordable Medical products.