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BlancOne®CLICK reinvents teeth whitening

IDS has been operating in the Italian dental market since 1947 carrying out a pioneering action in researching and making known innovative and technologically advanced materials. Initially establishing exclusive distribution relationships with the most important American manufacturers of dental materials, over the decades IDS partnerships have developed internationally and today include, in addition to the United States, various European countries, Australia and the emerging markets of the far East. The company philosophy has always been aimed at the quality and innovation of the product for the maximum satisfaction of the dentist. In 60 years of experience in close contact with the needs and problems of modern dentistry, IDS has been able to develop and refine its own products with exclusive formulations.

In fact, for several years, IDS has combined the activity of distributor with that of manufacturer, collaborating with leading chemical companies to offer its customers the best solutions to their needs.

IDS has created an innovative teeth whitening product called BlancOne® CLICK. BlancOne offers a range of cosmetic whitening treatments that combine the safety offered by the low percentages of hydrogen peroxide and the experience of the dental professional with the speed of results, the absence of side effects and the contained costs sought by patients.

Thanks to BlancOne technology, whitening becomes a cosmetic treatment accessible to everyone, capable of producing excellent results in a few minutes while respecting tooth enamel and gingival tissue. BlancOne treatments are the only cosmetic products in the studio that do not require gingival protection, desensitizing and remineralizing agents.

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BlancOne treatments offer a comfortable and satisfying experience for all patients without irritating the mucous membranes, dehydrating the enamel and inducing sensitivity during or after whitening. Thanks to the low costs, they can be repeated frequently or integrated with home treatments to prolong their duration. Furthermore, patients can perform the whitening treatment immediately after the hygiene session without the need for gum protectors, which has an extraordinary effect on patients who finally see whiter and brighter teeth!

Furthermore, patients have the desire that dental hygiene makes their teeth even whiter. With other treatments you cannot fulfill their wish, because they are too long, invasive and need gingival protection, incompatible with bleeding and traumatized gums after the hygiene session.

It is incredible the level of satisfaction that can be found with just ten more minutes per session and how much dental hygiene is enhanced by the patient with this simple addition. The rapid action of the BlancOne whitening gel, photoactivated by the lamp without producing heat, allows the patient to immediately receive an effective improvement in whiteness without dehydration or sensitivity.

Hands-on demonstration here.

BlancOne® CLICK is currently available on offer on our website in Group Buy for only 116,00€! Take advantage of it now!

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