Disposable gloves – 4 models suitable for the dental sector

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In the dental sector, disposable gloves are part of the basic safety equipment. In fact, they not only protect the dentist and assistants, but also the patient, to whom they guarantee the highest level of hygiene. All the staff of a dental office always use them, during their activities, to reduce the risk of infections and protect the skin from bacteria and chemical agents. This implies the need to wear comfortable gloves with specific characteristics. Choosing the right model is important for gripping the tools and for tactile sensitivity; if they don’t „fit“ well, they can be a source of stress that negatively affects work performance.

Disposable gloves: types, materials and how to best use them

There are 3 specific types of gloves that should be used in a dental office:

  • Examination gloves: they are disposable, ambidextrous and non-sterile. They should be used for all non-surgical clinical activities.
  • Surgical gloves: they are disposable, sterile, mostly left and right. They are used for surgical maneuvers.
  • Work Gloves: These are thicker and heavier than previous ones, resist punctures and chemicals, and are reusable. They should be used for cleaning contaminated surfaces and tools

Material-wise, latex is still the gold standard. However, many studies are migrating to synthetics to prevent allergies and due to the increase in the cost of pure latex. Nitrile is widely used today: due to its resistance to tearing and chemical agents, it is now comparable to latex. To avoid tearing disposable gloves there are some fundamental points:

  • Wear them with perfectly dry hands;
  • Short or filed nails;
  • Do not wash, sterilize or disinfect gloves: it favors breakage.

There are some types of gloves that are particularly suitable for dentists, let’s see them together!

Disposable latex gloves with Aloe Vera

disposable latex gloves with aloe vera

To moisturize the skin and relieve the itching or burning sensation, gloves with aloe vera are perfect. The aloe is processed inside the glove evenly in an oil-free cold cycle. It is then dried to preserve all the characteristics, without altering the beneficial properties of the plant. The warmth and humidity of the hand reactivate the beneficial properties of the plant, thus giving the hands softness and hydration. The surface is micro-rough to improve grip and the absence of powder reduces the risk of contamination. Silicone is not present in the composition of the glove and the internal chlorination facilitates the fit.

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Disposable latex gloves with powder

disposable latex gloves with powder

First choice product that has great elasticity, sensitivity and impermeability, obtained thanks to the high technology of production and selection of raw materials. They are disposable, ambidextrous, finely powdered with bio-absorbable corn starch. Total absence of silicone in the composition of the glove.

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Disposable powder-free latex gloves

disposable powder-free latex gloves

Disposable and ambidextrous gloves. The protein content is below 50 μg/g, limiting the risk of allergies and increasing biocompatibility. Internally chlorinated and dust free to reduce the risk of allergies and contamination. The finish is micro-rough on the fingers to increase grip and tactile sensitivity. Again, there is no silicone in the composition of the glove. 

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Disposable nitrile gloves without accelerators

disposable nitrile gloves without accelerators

LOW DERMA technology allows nitrile gloves to take a significant step forward in terms of protection without affecting the technical characteristics of the gloves. Find out more here. The particular „crosslinking“ production technology keeps the main characteristics of the gloves unchanged. The formulation is without sulfur and accelerators. They have high elasticity and tear resistance. They are pure and clean with reduced traces of metals and anions. The absence of powder reduces the risk of contamination and the internal chlorination facilitates the donning of the glove.

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Ognuno di questi modelli possiede la certificazione CE e sono prodotti utilizzabili come Dispositivi Medici ai sensi del Reg EU 2017/745. I guanti considerati Dispositivi Medici assicurano protezione dalla contaminazione incrociata sia per il paziente che per l’utilizzatore in quanto sono considerati un’efficace barriera a fluidi biologici e microrganismi. Selmedico si affida solo a produttori garantiti, con certificazioni idonee e sicure. 

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