About Us

Selmedico.com is a B2B e-commerce portal that offers a group purchasing service for healthcare professionals, institutions and companies. The platform allows you to make guaranteed and safe purchases of medical devices and health products in full compliance with the requirements of the EU. The main advantage of participating in buying groups is being able to get the same services and products at a discounted price.

In order to have access to the purchasing groups on SEL Medico Shop, you must first register on the site. Registration is free and involves no obligation to purchase.

Our mission is to create an effective and efficient online B2B channel, which allows manufacturers, institutions, companies and healthcare professionals to sell, promote and purchase high quality Medical Devices, quickly, transparently and safely.

Our vision is to become a reference point for healthcare providers, institutions and companies for centralized cross-border procurement through e-commerce and supply chain management,  to achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement and risk minimization


Buying on the Selmedico platform is very simple, just:

1 – Sign up

2 – Choose your product from the Shop

3 – Define the shipping details.

It is also possible to access numerous special offers, join one of the Group Purchases.


Products on demand and bulk order

For products that are not listed on our site, do not hesitate to contact us.

One of our accounts will provide you with support for making specific purchases.

For all inquiries relating to bulk orders or products on demand, please contact us via the Key Account page.

Our Values

Four elements convey our core values:

providing people with high quality, safe, effective and affordable medical products.