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Woodpex V Apex Locator

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With radio frequency technology to obtain maximum precision in the measurement and trajectory of the files. Measures accurately, even if there is blood or residual pulp in the root canal. More stable and stronger anti interference ability. LCD screen. Packaging: Control unit, 1 measuring cable, 4 lip clips, 5 lip hooks, 2 test cables, 1 tester, 1 charger.

Straight Handpiece 1:1

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Low speed straight handpiece, internal spray, blind, 1:1 ratio , 20,000 rpm Noise: ≤70dB.

Ultrasurgery US II – Led

Ultrasurgery is a piezoelectric device for bone surgery that allows osteotomy and osteoplasty techniques to be applied in almost all anatomical situations. Technical features: Working frequency: from 24,000 to 29,500 Hz. Power: 3 to 20W Functions: Endo, Perio, Implant, Bone work, Osteotomies, Osteoplasty.

Scaler Ultrasonic USD-K Led

Piezoceramic ultrasonic scaler of reduced size and weight. Autoclavable Peak handpiece (135°C) with titanium interior, with frequency between 28/32 Kz. Packaging: Control base, EMS handpiece + 5 inserts: G1(X2)-G2-G3-G4

Scaler Ultrasonic USD-E Led

Piezoceramic ultrasonic scaler for periodontal scaling treatments. Digital control, automatic frequency search, independent watering. With LED technology inside the handpiece, EMS® compatible handpiece and inserts. Packaging: Control base, handpiece + 8 inserts: G1-G4-G5-G6, P1-P3-P5, E1 and liquid tank.


Multifunctional device combining the activities of air polishing, ultrasonic periodontal treatment, endodontic treatment, implant maintenance, efficient and comfortable plaque removal. Packaging: Main unit + 1 water tank + 1 dust tank + 1 bottle of polishing powder + 1 ultrasonic handpiece + 1 air polishing handpiece + 1 sandblasting nozzle + 1 power adapter + operating instructions

Implanter Implant motor + CA 20:1 Woodpecker LED handpiece (with light)

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Micromotor for implantology equipped with a color and backlit LCD monitor, with touch-screen technology. Complete with contra angle with 20:1 LED reduction. Packaging: Control unit, multifunction footswitch, 20:1 surgical contra-angle with LED.

Surgical Handpiece 20:1

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Contra-angle for green ring surgery . Blind with Push Button, ratio: 20:1 . External spray

Compatible Key

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EMS or Satelec compatible key. Packaging: 1 key

Compatible scaler

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HW-3H - The traditional scaling handpiece compatible with ultrasound and EMS® or Satelec inserts. Without light, autoclavable

Universal Piezon EMS Handpiece

EN-041 - Universal handpiece that allows the passage of aggressive liquids as well as water.

Contra-Angle 1:1 Mono-Spray

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1:1 compatible, 20,000 rpm, internal spray, 70dBA.

MEDIT i700 Wireless / Intraoral Scanner

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Intraoral scanner with LED light that makes the scanning experience comfortable for both the dentist and the patient, with the powerful hardware and intelligent software. - Up to 70 FPS - 2 4K cameras - MEDIT Link Software and Specialized Apps - Always Updated Free Software i700 Wireless (wireless), scanning is convenient from any angle. Battery life up to 8 hours. The intelligent power management feature automatically switches the device to stand-by mode when not in use, once all 3 included batteries are used up, simply plug in the power cord and continue using the device.

MEDIT i700 / Intraoral Scanner

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Intraoral scanner with LED light that makes the scanning experience comfortable for both the dentist and the patient, with the powerful hardware and intelligent software. - Up to 70 FPS - 2 4K cameras - MEDIT Link Software and Specialized Apps - Always Updated Free Software i700 can be connected directly to PC using power cable without additional power hub and cables. This new feature of Medit i700 improves mobility and maintenance.

AccuFab-D1s | Dental 3D Printer

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Based on years of experience in the dental industry, the AccuFab-D1s update offers users a more intuitive and easy-to-use workflow with even faster print speeds and improved accuracy. With different resin material options, it can meet multiple needs in prosthetic, implant and orthodontic applications. This is the ideal printer solution for any dental professional looking to enter the age of digital manufacturing. HIGH PRINT SPEED ULTRA HIGH ACCURACY AND DETAILS INTELLIGENT PRINTING LONG LIFE AND LOW COST

AccuFab-L4D | Dental 3D Printer

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AccuFab-L4D is the latest addition to the Shining3D family digital solutions. It is a large-format dental 3d printer developed completely in-house by Shining3D to make 3d printing solution more accessible to everyone. It brings users an exceptionally unique printing experience with its features like light-weight, large print size and user-friendly operation. Large Print Size, High Resolution User-friendly Operation Cost-effective Investment Multiple Material Options

Aoralscan 3 | Intraoral Scanner

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Aoralscan 3 comes with a wide range of different intelligent functions, guaranteeing more comfortable chairside experience and efficient clinic-lab collaboration. One-button Control Light Weight Auto Anti-fogging Ergonomically Designed for Optimal Handheld Operation Dynamic LED Indicator

Aoralscan 3 Wireless | Intraoral Scanner

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Aoralscan 3 Wireless Intraoral Scanner Provides a comfortable experience for the Doctor and patient without restraints from a wired setup. · Go Wireless · Fast and Stable · Long-lasting Battery Life · Next-level software functions

3D Face Scanner |MetiSmile

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MetiSmile is the first face scanner developed and produced by SHINING 3D exclusively for dentistry. It can quickly capture the facial information to create 3D model and assist in clinical diagnosis with its advanced software. – Fast Scan Speed – Ortho Simulation – Mandibular Trajectory Tracking (Upcoming) – Facial Features Measurement & Comparison – Automatic Alignment of Intraoral and Facial Data

Vortex turbine with Kavo connect

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