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Kromopan LASCOD KRM302 Chromatic Alginate Fast Type 1

202,50 + IVA
KRM302 - Kromopan type 1 - Cardboard box containing 20 pouches of 450 g (9 kg) Since its inception, Kromopan has revolutionized the world of dentistry by enabling, thanks to its color change (violet -> pink -> white), the taking of impressions with high dimensional stability with easy control of the processing steps and rapid setting.

ALGINOR ORTHO LASCOD KOR302 – 20 pouches of 450 g.

209,50 + IVA
KOR302 - Cardboard box containing 20 pouches of 450 g. (9kg) Orthodontic-specific alginate with phase color indicator: purple -> cyclamen -> green. It exhibits high elasticity and tear resistance allowing perfect impression detection in the presence of obvious undercuts and already placed brackets.

MILLENIUM LASCOD KHQ 302 –20 bugs of 450 g

160,00 + IVA
KHQ 302 – Box containing 20 bags, 450 g each (9 kg) New generation alginate specific for high precision impressions, with a detail reproduction of 15µm, it can be considered a superior category material. The strawberry aroma makes it particularly pleasant in the mouth.