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“Reunited Bio” kit

176,00 + IVA
This kit contains hyper-consumable disposable products specific for the dental workstation with particular attention to the environment. Some of the products present, in fact, belong to the new Larident bio line that uses materials that are attentive to sustainability.  

“Patient” kit

175,00 + IVA
This kit has been designed according to the needs that the doctor has to face during any type of intervention to ensure the necessary hygiene and safety standards. Contains hyper-consumable disposable products of Made in Italy quality.  

“Reunited” kit

209,00 + IVA
This Kit has been specially designed for the dental unit. It combines utility, quantity and Made in Italy quality of hyper-consumable disposable products specific for the dental workstation.  

5000 Pieces Surgical Masks, Made in Italy CE Certified Adult Disposable Packaged in Single Packs of 25

320,00 + IVA
  • MADE IN ITALY: Manufactured in Italy with all documentation, test report and CE certificate complying Type IIR.
  • TYPE: Class I - Nonsterile (Type IIR)
  • COMPOSITION: Three-ply 2-ply TNT 1-ply Melt Blown. 100% polypropylene.
  • PACKING: One carton has 200 packages of 25 pieces each.
  • Product complies with UNI EN 14683:2019 Medical use facial masks - Requirements and test methods...