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Air purifier INN-559 Professional L

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3 years warranty Effectiveness tested up to 99.97% on viruses and bacteria The air present in the environment is sucked into the air purifier and is sanitized through 5 levels of filtering. At the end of the process, the filters allow the destruction of up to 99.97% of viruses, bacteria and harmful particles. The air is clean and free from any harmful particles. The UV lamp is located inside the equipment itself. For this reason, no one is exposed to any risk because there is no direct contact with ultraviolet rays. Air purification rate: 550 m³/h

D600 DTE Compatible Satelec® scaler

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Compatible Satelec® scaler with modulated sinusoidal oscillations and 3 operating modes: ablation, perio, endo. Included in the package: Autoclavable Satelec® compatible HD-8 handpiece 7 inserts (GD5, GD12, PD4, PD7, ED12, ED66, ED60)

U600 Woodpecker compatible with EMS®

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The latest Woodpecker ultrasonic piezoelectric device compatible with EMS.

Ai-Pex apical locator with pulp vitality tester Woodpecker.

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The Ai-Pex apical locator simplifies the work of dental professionals: it is equipped with a dental pulp tester and offers the possibility of connection to Endo Smart+.

R1 Plus cutter per guttaperca Woodpecker

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Cutter suitable for all brands of gutta-percha on the market. Package: 1 gutta-percha cutter

K-PO Woodpecker

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Surgic Smart LED-Woodpecker

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The new unit for bone surgery. Stabilized power for consistently high efficiency: Surgic smart is the result of years of experience in piezosurgery

Endo Smart + Woodpecker

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Brushless motor, equipped with a rotatable head, works at high speed and with low noise and vibration. Can be connected to Woodpex V and Ai-Pex apex locators.

Reflexx R46, Powder-free Latex Gloves Gr. 5.7, 1000 Pieces, Amber

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Powder Free Latex Gloves Reflexx 46 – gr. 5,7 (M) Micro-roughened surface to increase the grip and the sensitiveness. Internally chlorinated to reduce the risk of allergies. Low latex protein. PPE CAT 3, Medical Device class 1

Blancone® Click

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• 10 extra minutes & low cost means great perceived added value • Enhances loyalty of dental office patients and attracts new ones • Promotes BlancOne® TOUCH and ULTRA complete whitening treatments Each individual CLICK treatment contains: Peroxide syringe (0.75ml), Activator syringe (0.25ml), connector, tip, QR code for the registration with the BlancOne App