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Air purifier INN-559 Professional L

737,62 + IVA
Air purification rate: 550 m³ / h Area: 50 Acoustic emission: 58 dB Number of speeds: 4 Timer: Yes Portable remote control: Yes Product color: Gray Delivery time: 1-3 days

Coronavirus Ag Rapid Test Cassette (Swab) GCCOV-502a/NN, 20 kit/box

36,00 + IVA
Through the increased sensitivity of the reagent, the new test allows sampling from the walls of the nostrils alone, avoiding

5000 Pieces Disposable Medical Mask, Made in Italy

320,00 + IVA 0 Groups active
  • MADE IN ITALY: produced in Italy with all documentation, test report and CE certificate 
  • TYPE:  Classe I – Non sterile (Type IIR)
  • COMPOSITION: Three layers 2 ply TNT 1 ply Melt Blown. 100% polypropylene.
  • PACKAGING: A carton has 200 packs of 25 pieces each.
  • Product compliant with UNI EN 14683: 2019 Facial masks for medical use - Requirements and test methods.

Infrared Thermometer

16,00 + IVA
120 Pieces / Carton Product compliant with standard DM Class IIA Dir. 93/42 / EEC Certification CE-0197 Declaration of conformity Institution for use