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Exclusive Interview with Prof. Gianluca Plotino: A glimpse into the future of modern dentistry

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My personal experience led me to an extraordinary meeting with one of the brightest minds in modern dentistry: Prof. Gianluca Plotino, president-elect of the Academia Italiana Endodontia (AIE) 2025-26, known for his competence and dedication to ‘innovation. He kindly granted an exclusive interview on the latest episode of MeetTheDentist to share his unique perspective on contemporary dentistry.

Prof. Plotino received the “Alfred Bean Memorial” award from the Chicago Dental Society (CDS ) for the best Italian research thesis of the period 2001-2003. In 2013 he received the “ Hans Genet Prize ” from the European Society of Endodontics (ESE) , recognizing his exemplary contributions as a leading European researcher. He is the author of over 130 peer-reviewed scientific articles focusing on endodontic and restorative topics. Prof. Plotinus is the author of three textbooks in the field and has contributed numerous chapters to various other texts. His expertise is recognized by his inclusion on the editorial boards of numerous esteemed scientific journals.

Meeting Prof. Plotino was a fascinating journey through the world of advanced dentistry. From the beginning, I could sense his passion and commitment to his profession. The conversation began with an overview of cutting-edge technologies used in the field of dentistry. Prof. Plotinus shared details about some of the most promising innovations that are transforming dental treatments today.

These technologies not only increase the chances of successful treatments but also offer significant benefits for both patients and professionals. His vision of the importance of maintaining a balance between the use of cutting-edge tools and dedication to patients is evident in his every response.

A highlight of the interview was Prof. Plotinus’ book, “ Minimally Invasive Approaches in Endodontic Practice

This work addresses the concept of minimally invasive treatment, a perspective that challenges the traditional approach to dentistry. During our conversation, Prof. Plotinus delved into the key principles and strategies outlined in the book, highlighting how important this approach is in modern dentistry. His emphasis on preserving tooth structure and treating the underlying causes of dental problems is a testament to his dedication to improving clinical practice.

Prof. Plotino also highlighted the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinarity in modern dentistry. He believes that only through sharing knowledge and skills between professionals can bring about significant changes and advancements in clinical practice. He also extends his commitment to research and teaching, working with platforms such as Selmedico Academy to offer practical courses and workshops on endodontics and restorative dentistry around the world.

Prof. Plotino operates in his private practice in Rome, Italy, where he specializes in endodontics, restorative, interdisciplinary, and aesthetic dentistry providing patients with world-class care based on the latest advances in the field.

If you wish to book a visit with Prof. Plotino, you can contact the following address and telephone number:

Grande Plotino & Torsello Dental Practice

Address : Via Calabria, 25, 00187 Rome RM, Italy

Telephone :  +39 06 4202 0595

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