#MeetTheDentist: Female Leadership in the Dental Industry – Exclusive Interview with Angela Grechi

la leadership femminile nel settore odontoiatrico intervista esclusiva con angela grechi responsabile sanitario delle cliniche dentali del gruppo

According to the Osservasalute 2020 Report, which analyzes the Italian healthcare system, despite women constituting approximately 65% of employees in the healthcare sector, their presence in managerial roles remains limited, representing only 25% of healthcare managers.

Osservasalute 2020 Report

In the latest episode of #MeetTheDentist, we had the privilege of speaking with Dr. Angela Grechi, a true icon in her field who has successfully tackled the challenges of managing dental facilities.

Since 2016, Dr. Grechi has launched the startup project for KOS Group’s Dental Clinics, taking on the role of Head and Medical Director in various locations, including Santo Stefano in Porto Potenza Picena (since 2016), Villa dei Pini in Civitanova Marche (since 2020), and Villalba in Macerata (since 2021).

KOS is a leading Italian healthcare group operating in social-health assistance, residential care for chronic conditions, rehabilitation, psychiatry, advanced technology applied to medicine, and acute medicine. Within KOS Group’s Dental Clinics, they stand out for their commitment to quality care, the use of cutting-edge technologies, and a team of qualified professionals.

During the interview, Angela shared with us the most common challenges that arise in managing dental facilities. According to Angela, a crucial challenge is effective customer relationship management to enhance satisfaction. Digital innovations have led to increased customer demands and expectations, and Angela is dedicated to maximizing the customer experience and promptly responding to their needs.

Another goal Angela pursues is the selection of highly qualified personnel, from receptionists to dental professionists. Recognizing the importance of a skilled team, Angela and her staff invest in a continuous training program. This program not only meets the annual credit requirements for dentists but also aims to constantly update skills, which are essential to tackle the ever-changing industry challenges.

Looking to the future, Angela envisions a reality where the role of women assumes increasing importance. She acknowledges the difficulties women face in their managerial journey and emphasizes the importance of finding a work-life balance to enable women to achieve a successful career.

In recent years, several initiatives have been undertaken to promote gender balance and increase women’s presence in managerial roles in the healthcare sector. Examples include mentoring programs, the adoption of gender quotas in selection and promotion processes, and the implementation of gender equality policies. Associations and organizations in the healthcare sector actively promote women’s presence in managerial roles. One example is the Italian Association of Healthcare Managers (AIMS), which advocates for gender equity and supports the development of women’s managerial skills in the healthcare sector.

Angela’s story testifies that the dental industry is constantly evolving, and women can play a fundamental role in this transformation. Her determination to overcome challenges and her vision of a more inclusive future are inspiring examples for all women aspiring to succeed in managerial roles. With passion, expertise, and dedication, we can promote policies and initiatives that foster women’s presence in managerial roles in the healthcare sector, ensuring an inclusive and representative work environment.

If you wish to book a visit at KOS Group’s Dental Clinics, you can contact the following addresses and phone number.

SANTO STEFANO: Via Aprutina, 194 62018Porto Potenza Picena (MC)

VILLALBA: Via Jacopo Robusti, 37 62100 Macerata (MC)

Numero di prenotazione: 0733 19 30 310

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