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Yesterday, December 16, 2021, the first of a series of webinars organized by Selmedico in collaboration with the Italian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Italy-China Foundation was held from 18:00 to 18:45. < br> The objective of the event was to focus on instances, dynamics, and possibilities for the companies operating in this market and the consequences of the regulatory framework on the circulation of products: this was possible thanks to the speakers who took part in the round table.

Dr. Fabrizio Grillo, Executive Director of Bracco S.p.A, welcomed the speakers and participants giving the floor to prof. Gianluca Arnesano, Digital Strategist and Innovation Designer, as well as a lecturer at LUMSA University.
Prof. Arnesano explained how important it is actually to have an e-commerce channel currently, even for those who work in the medical device sector – a sector that, until a few years ago, had a predominance of the offline channel.
The word is then passed to Dr. Mario Gabrielli Cossellu, an Official of the European Commission, who intervened with an excursus of the current regulations that regulate the medical devices sector, culminating with the European Regulations which officially entered into force in 2021.
Following this, the public was able to learn more about the purely Italian situation in the DM sector thanks to Dr. Marco De Morpurgo, global co-head of the Life Sciences sector of the international law firm DLA Piper. Dr. De Morpurgo highlighted the obstacles most relevant to the sector at the moment, specifying that the online publication – in particular on social media – of the health properties of medical products is not currently authorized by the Ministry of Health.
Finally, Dr. Myra Kang, CEO of Sino-EU link and Selmedico, underlined how, at the moment, streamlining the distribution chain of the DM sector is essential to guarantee greater speed, quality, precision, and traceability of products.

We thank all the participants, organizers, and speakers again and we take this opportunity to wish everyone happy holidays.