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Luxatemp Star

Prezzo di listino 275,00 excl.VATPrezzo in offerta 119,00 excl.VAT
Rapid curing material in cartridge for temporary aesthetic restorations, including long-lasting ones and mock-ups. Suitable for the creation of crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. Packaging: 1 76 g cartridge, 15 mixing cannulas

Sterile Anatomical Post Pins

Prezzo di listino 100,00 excl.VATPrezzo in offerta 59,90 excl.VAT
Sterile endo-canal posts in fiberglass with a truncated cone shape similar to that obtained at the end of a root canal preparation performed with continuously rotating NiTi instruments. Packaging: 10 pins

Ufi Gel SC set Voco 2041

Prezzo di listino 264,00 excl.VATPrezzo in offerta 186,90 excl.VAT
Ufi Gel SC (permanent) is a soft material designed on a type A silicone base and is used for relining. Self-polymerizing and cold-hardening, Ufi Gel SC is ideal for in-office application and allows for simple and rapid processing. Kit package: 50 ml cartridge, 10 ml adhesive, 10 ml polishing base and catalyst each, type 8 mixing tips.

Ufi Gel Hard C

Prezzo di listino 220,00 excl.VATPrezzo in offerta 159,00 excl.VAT
Direct hard relining material perfectly mixed from the cartridge for a simple, fast and bubble-free application. Packaging: 80 g cartridge + 10 tips

Tokuyama Rebase II Fast

Prezzo di listino 165,00 excl.VATPrezzo in offerta 99,90 excl.VAT
Hard resin for permanent relines, to be used directly on the chair. Indicated for re-establishing the correct functional parameters of stability, occlusion and centric relation in total and partial removable prostheses. KIT packaging: 1 bottle of 80 gr. powder 1 bottle of 50 ml. liquid 1 bottle of 15 ml. adhesive 1 Hardencer resin of 48 gr.

Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough M

Prezzo di listino 143,00 excl.VATPrezzo in offerta 99,90 excl.VAT
Resina soft a base siliconica per ribasature dirette ed indirette. Indicata per la risoluzione di problemi legati a mucosa sottile, creste affilate e sottosquadri accentuati. Medium. Confezione: cartucce da 54 gr.

Tokuyama Sofreliner Tough M – Kit

Prezzo di listino 220,00 excl.VATPrezzo in offerta 148,90 excl.VAT
Soft silicone-based resin for direct and indirect relining. Indicated for the resolution of problems related to thin mucosa, sharp ridges and accentuated undercuts. Medium. Packaging: 54 g cartridges. + 1 bottle of 10 ml. Primers