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High Speed ​​Turbine

List price 200,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 99,00 excl.VAT
Steel body, torque head, ceramic bearings, single spray, push-button, very light. Available with a choice of Midwest or Borden attachment. Packaging: 1 pc

Turbine Synea Fusion TG98L

List price 700,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 375,00 excl.VAT
TG98-L. Quattro Spray, head diameter Ø 11.5 mm, 21 W*, 360,000 rpm. For FG drills Ø 1.6 mm, with lengths up to 25 mm. . LED+, ceramic ball bearings, Roto Quick connection Packaging: 1 pc.

Bora L turbine Bien Air

List price 499,00 excl.VAT
Rotation speed 320,000 rpm on ball bearings. 3 separate air/water sprays, button locking with anti-friction system. Recommended pressure 3.0 bar Bien Air Unifix or multiflex connection Packaging: 1 pc.

Compatible scaler

List price 220,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 99,00 excl.VAT
HW-3H - The traditional scaling handpiece compatible with ultrasound and EMS® or Satelec inserts. Without light, autoclavable

Compatible Key Woodpecker

List price 24,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 13,90 excl.VAT
EMS/Mectron or Satelec/NSK compatible key. Packaging: 1 key

Turbine S-Max M900L NSK

List price 389,00 excl.VAT
Steel turbine with light, Standard head, power: 26 W, speed: 360,000 - 430,000 rpm. Head size: ø 12.1 x H13.5 mm. Connection option: NSK, Bien Air, Kavo, W&H Packaging: 1 pc.

S-Max M25 handpiece NSK

List price 389,00 excl.VAT439,00 excl.VAT
Steel handpiece. 1:1 ratio. Single spray. For CA burs (ø 2.35) Speed: Max. 40,000 rpm Packaging: 1 pc.

X-Smart® Pro

X-Smart® Pro: endodontic engine with mutual and rotating movement, mini 5: 1 contranglane with integrated LED, coating of steel handpiece, adjustable to 360 °, magnetic support for handpiece, accessories (charger with universal power supply adapters). X-Smart® Pro+: Endodontic engine with mutual and rotating movement with integrated apical locator, mini 5: 1 contrangulo area with integrated LED, coating of 360 ° adjustable steel handpiece, magnetic support for handpiece, accessories (charger with power adapters universal), lip clip, connection tweezers, Y connection cable. Packaging: 1 pc.

MC LED Bien Air micromotor

List price 682,00 excl.VAT722,00 excl.VAT
MC2 LED-With carbon brushes, integrated spray. Equipped with a rotation speed of 60 to 40,000 rpm. Adjustable intensity LED light. MC3 LED - Vibration-free operation from 60 to 40,000 rpm gives the MC3 carbon micromotor extraordinary versatility. Adjustable intensity LED light/Bulb. 400° tube rotation Packaging: 1 pc.

Woodpecker TFRK – Terauchi File Removal Kit

List price 859,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 599,00 excl.VAT
TFRK stands for Terauchi File Removal Kit. It's a medical instrument made by Woodpecker Medical Instrument Co. in Shanghai, China. The kit includes: A flat-ended modified #3 Gates Glidden Micro-Trephine bur A stainless steel Gutta-Percha Removal Hand Instrument Ultrasonic tips A Yoshi Loop Device

AccuFab-D1s | Dental 3D Printer

List price 7.300,00 excl.VAT
Based on years of experience in the dental industry, the AccuFab-D1s update offers users a more intuitive and easy-to-use workflow with even faster print speeds and improved accuracy. With different resin material options, it can meet multiple needs in prosthetic, implant and orthodontic applications. This is the ideal printer solution for any dental professional looking to enter the age of digital manufacturing. HIGH PRINT SPEED ULTRA HIGH ACCURACY AND DETAILS INTELLIGENT PRINTING LONG LIFE AND LOW COST

Straight Handpiece 1:1

List price 440,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 116,90 excl.VAT
Low speed straight handpiece, internal spray, blind, 1:1 ratio , 20,000 rpm Noise: ≤70dB.

Ultrasurgery US II – Led

Ultrasurgery is a piezoelectric device for bone surgery that allows osteotomy and osteoplasty techniques to be applied in almost all anatomical situations. Technical features: Working frequency: from 24,000 to 29,500 Hz. Power: 3 to 20W Functions: Endo, Perio, Implant, Bone work, Osteotomies, Osteoplasty.

FI-G Obturation System Woodpecker

List price 575,00 excl.VAT
Fi-G is a thermoplastic gun for injecting gutta percha into the root canal, used after cleaning and shaping the filling canal. Packaging: 1 pc.

FI-P GUTTA-PERCHA Obturation System

List price 475,00 excl.VAT
Fi-P is a latest generation wireless handpiece for hot vertical condensation fillings, used in the root canal filling phase, in endodontic treatment, using the vertical compaction technique. Packaging: 1 pc.

Lampada I-Led Woodpecker

List price 240,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 119,00 excl.VAT
2300mW LED curing light, equipped with 360° rotating head. - Fast polymerization: 1 sec. for thicknesses up to 2 mm. - 2 modes: turbo- 1 to 3sec. a 2300-2500 mW; normal- 5, 10, 15 and 20 sec. a 1000- 1200 mW. - Light intensity: 2500 mW/cm2. - Spectrum: 420- 480 nm. - Dimensions (L x H): 2.5 x 24 cm. Packaging: Cordless lamp with charger and cable + 100 protective sleeves + protective screen + optical fiber + protective lenses + lens wrench

Elements™ IC Downpack Unit

List price 1.690,00 excl.VAT
The Downpack device provides rapid heating of the plugger with precisely controlled temperature and timing, making it suitable for root canal obturation. • Total control of the procedure: adjustable thermal range from 140°C to 400°C • Ready when you are: reaches 200°C in 0.5 seconds • Uncompromising comfort: ring activation button that can be activated through 360° Packaging: 1 pc.

Thermaprep II Oven Dentsply Sirona

List price 469,00 excl.VAT
Furnace for shutters. It allows you to heat the shutters individually or temporarily in a few seconds. Packaging: 1 pc.

Propex Pixi Dentsply Sirona

List price 629,00 excl.VAT
Apex locator with multi-frequency technology in dry and wet canals. It does not require any calibration and zero adjustment, equipped with double control thanks to the visualization on the display and the progressive sound control with 4 volume levels. It takes up minimal space during handling, storage and transportation while maintaining precision and reliability Packaging: Apex locator - 1 AC adapter, 1 measuring cable with clip - 2 lip clips - 1 connecting tweezers

X-Smart Plus

Preset endodontic motor for the innovative WaveOne GOLD reciprocating movement and for the traditional continuous rotation movement. The 6:1 miniature head, adjustable in 6 positions, offers excellent visibility and easy access Packaging: 1 pc.

Endo Radar Pro Woodpecker

List price 790,00 excl.VAT
Endodontic micromotor with wireless handpiece and apex locator. Brushless Motor and ATR (Automatic Torque Reverse) Technology. The thin, well-balanced and cordless handpiece allows absolute freedom of movement. Packaging: Main unit, wireless micromotor with apex locator, silicone protective cover.

Endo-Mate DT2 NSK

Developed for use with all types of NiTi instruments. The preset function allows you to carry out highly efficient treatments that comply with the protocols provided by the tip manufacturers. The control unit is light and compact, equipped with a rechargeable battery for high mobility. The light and thin handpiece allows for easy and comfortable handling. Packaging: 1 pc.


Digital apex locator with innovative SmartLogic technology. This latest generation apex locator is compatible with different types of tooth and guarantees extreme precision in identifying the apex. In the apical zone, the precision zone, iPex II provides a clear and precise image of the position of the instrument. Packaging: Unit? iPex II control tester + 1 1.8 m probe + 3 clips + 3 lip hooks + 1 tester + 3 AAA batteries

Implantmed SI-923 W&H

Surgical micromotor complete with 20:1 contra angle with self-generated LED light. - Powerful motor with 5.5 Ncm torque - Wide speed range: 300 – 40,000 rpm - Exact torque limitation: 5 – 70 Ncm Packaging: Unit? controller, motor with 1.8m cable and 5 S-N2 foot control clips, stand, motor holder, power cable, 2 locking devices and 3 disposable watering hoses.