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Disposa-Shield Dentsply Sirona

List price 64,50 excl.VATDiscounted price 44,90 excl.VAT
Transparent adhesive film for handles, control panels and switches. Roll in dispenser box. Polyethylene films and sheaths. Transparent, disposable. N°2 - For micromotors, air/water syringes. N°3 - For turbines, CAVITRON terminals and pipes. Packaging: 250 pcs.


List price 67,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 41,90 excl.VAT
Control test for class B autoclaves to verify the penetration of steam into hollow bodies. Packaging: 1 test + 50 indicators

Stream Sterilization Integrator

List price 40,70 excl.VATDiscounted price 25,90 excl.VAT
Chemical indicators for the validation of the steam sterilization cycle. Packaging: 250 pz.