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List price 77,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 59,90 excl.VAT
Compactable restorative material for posterior restorations. High wear resistance. Quick and easy application in layers up to 5mm. Packaging: 3 g syringe.

OptiBond FL

List price 74,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 49,90 excl.VAT
Light-curing filled enamel-dentin adhesive that works simultaneously both as an adhesive and as a cavity liner. It is filled with 48% silica glass and guarantees structural adhesion, it does not mix and a single photopolymerization is sufficient. Releases fluoride. Packaging: 8 ml bottle.

SDR® Flow+ Compula Refill

List price 104,50 excl.VATDiscounted price 66,90 excl.VAT
Fluid bulk fill SDR flow+ composite ideal for direct class III and V restorations and for class I and II restorations where greater aesthetics are required. Also ideal for many other indications, including posterior primary tooth treatments, pit and fissure sealing, post-endodontic restorations and prosthetic abutments. Three additional shades (A1, A2 and A3), SDR flow expands its range of indications, including Class III and V, as well as adding more esthetic options to optimize Class II restorations in visible areas. Packaging: 15 Compules of 0.25 g each.

Tetric EvoCeram

List price 66,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 46,90 excl.VAT
Universal, nano hybrid composite, whose photopolymerization and radiopacity guarantee high quality standards in the restoration of the anterior and posterior sectors. Packaging: 3 g syringe.

DiaFil™ Flow

List price 21,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 14,90 excl.VAT
Fluid composite with easy-to-use and highly resistant nano particles. Also ideal for adhesion of brackets. Packaging: 2 g syringe.

Prime Flow

List price 23,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 13,90 excl.VAT
Polishable aesthetic fluid composite filled to 67%, used for all types of cavity preparation. Packaging: 2 g syringe. + applicators

Axia Fluid A1

List price 50,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 37,90 excl.VAT
Fluid, low viscosity, light-curing, fluoride-containing composite. Indicated for reconstruction of classes III, IV and V or as a base with composites for posteriors. Packaging: 3 g syringe.

Filtek™ Z250

List price 82,50 excl.VATDiscounted price 52,90 excl.VAT
Universal hybrid aesthetic composite suitable for practical single-color restorations in the anterior and especially in the posterior. Packaging: 1 syringe of 4 gr.

Filtek P60

List price 100,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 69,90 excl.VAT
Radiopaque and light-curing composite for posterior restorations, both in direct and indirect techniques, presented in syringes. Excellent packability and rapid curing, taking just 20 seconds for 2.5mm increments, and boasting low shrinkage. Packaging: 1 syringe of 4 gr

Filtek™ Z500

List price 50,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 34,90 excl.VAT
Universal hybrid composite ideal for anterior and posterior restorations. Zirconia/silica filler for excellent radiopacity. Packaging: 1syringe of 3 gr.

Filtek™ Supreme XTE Flowable

List price 75,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 56,00 excl.VAT
Low viscosity flowable composite in syringe, universal, light-curing, radiopaque, for anterior and posterior. In a new ergonomic syringe. Reduces bubble formation and waste. Material with excellent processing and viscosity properties; excellent fluidity during extrusion and subsequent maintenance of stability and shape. Packaging: 2 syringes of 2 g.


List price 84,00 excl.VAT98,00 excl.VAT
Disposable circular matrix usable for restorations with any material. Packaging: 50 matrices

Enamel Plus HRi -UE

List price 145,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 119,90 excl.VAT
HRi enamels have translucency and brightness similar to natural teeth, ideal for dentists who wish to easily improve the aesthetics of their restorations. Packaging: Syringe 5 gr. Colors: EU1, EU2, EU3

Enamel Plus HRi Bio Function

List price 104,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 78,90 excl.VAT
Highly biocompatible composite for posterior sectors with mechanical and functional characteristics similar to natural enamel. Packaging: Syringa 5 gr.

Enamel Plus HFO

List price 93,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 72,90 excl.VAT
Light-curing, micro-hybrid, radiopaque composite, indicated for direct aesthetic reconstructions in the anterior and posterior sectors and for the creation of composite veneers and inlays. Packaging: Syringe 5 gr. Color: UD1, UD2,UD3,UD35,UD4, UD5,UD6

Enamel Plus HFO – GE1GE2GE3

List price 93,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 72,90 excl.VAT
Generic enamels of 3 values to reproduce the elderly (GE1), adult (GE2), and young (GE3) tooth. Packaging: Syringe 5 gr.

Enamel Plus HRi – UD

List price 104,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 78,90 excl.VAT
Nanohybrid, radiopaque, photopolymerizable composite, indicated for direct and indirect aesthetic restorations. ENAMEL plus HRi increases quality, simplifies the technique and reduces operating times with the patient. Packaging: Syringe 5 gr. Colors: UD1, UD2, UD3, UD35, UD4, UD5, UD6

ENAMEL Plus HRi Flow

List price 38,50 excl.VATDiscounted price 25,90 excl.VAT
Highly filled, radiopaque fluid composite with improved viscosity (does not create bubbles) and elasticity, to be used as a background in posteriors for direct and indirect restorations and in anteriors in Class V. Packaging: 2 g syringe.

Enamel Plus HRi Bio Function -Dentin

List price 104,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 78,90 excl.VAT
Highly biocompatible composite for posterior sectors with mechanical and functional characteristics similar to natural enamel. Packaging: 5 g syringe.

RelyX™ Universal

List price 242,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 134,90 excl.VAT
Two-component paste composite cement; It comes in an innovative ergonomic syringe with a micromixing tip and is both a self-adhesive and adhesive cement. Packaging: 1 syringe of 3.4 gr.

Filtek™ Supreme XTE

List price 60,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 44,90 excl.VAT
Versatile, high-performance dental nanocomposite that gives excellent aesthetic results for anterior restorations and is sufficiently resistant in posterior restorations. Packaging: Syringe 3 gr.

EnaMatrix Metal 0,5 mm

List price 9,90 excl.VATDiscounted price 6,40 excl.VAT
Rolled metal sectional matrices. Packaging: 3 mt.

EnaMatrix Metal 0,35mm

List price 13,20 excl.VATDiscounted price 8,50 excl.VAT
Rolled metal sectional matrices. Packaging: Rotolo 3 mt.

Herculite XRV Ultra Mini Kit

List price 132,00 excl.VATDiscounted price 88,90 excl.VAT
Nano-filled composite, offers better workability, polishability and wear resistance. Nano-hybrid composite . Based on the latest nanofiller technology, it offers improved workability, polishability and wear resistance. The new HERCULITE XRV Ultra ensures a final appearance of the restorations extraordinarily similar to that of natural teeth, thanks to the faithful reproduction of their opalescence and fluorescence. Universal composite for anterior and posterior restorations, with aesthetic solutions for all needs. Packaging: Kit: 3 syringes of 4 g (A2 - A3 enamel, A2 dentin) + 1 adhesive of 5 ml. + 1 etch gel 3 ml.