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Surgic Smart LED-Woodpecker

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The new unit for bone surgery. Stabilized power for consistently high efficiency: Surgic smart is the result of years of experience in piezosurgery

“Reunited Bio” kit

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This kit contains hyper-consumable disposable products specific for the dental workstation with particular attention to the environment. Some of the products present, in fact, belong to the new Larident bio line that uses materials that are attentive to sustainability.  

“Patient” kit

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This kit has been designed according to the needs that the doctor has to face during any type of intervention to ensure the necessary hygiene and safety standards. Contains hyper-consumable disposable products of Made in Italy quality.  

“Reunited” kit

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This Kit has been specially designed for the dental unit. It combines utility, quantity and Made in Italy quality of hyper-consumable disposable products specific for the dental workstation.  

Coronavirus Ag Rapid Test Cassette (Swab) GCCOV-502a/NN, 20 kit/box

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Through the increased sensitivity of the reagent, the new test allows sampling from the walls of the nostrils alone, avoiding

Infrared Thermometer

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120 Pieces / Carton Product compliant with standard DM Class IIA Dir. 93/42 / EEC Certification CE-0197 Declaration of conformity Institution for use