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The first manufacturer to join the vertical B2B E-commerce platform is Larident Srl.

Larident, is “the right team in the dental field”, a company active in the production and distribution of dental products. Also present in the pharmaceutical sector, with products related to hygiene and dental prophylaxis.

Its history dates back to the post-war period when Giuliano Cataldi began working in the health care product distribution market. In 1961 the first chemical products and alloys for molding were introduced, characteristic of the dental and above all dental technicians sector.

In 1985, Giuliano and his son Alessandro founded “Larident”. The company slowly begins to move away from the healthcare market and focus specifically on the dental sector, specializing in the production of plastic items.

Product quality and market competitiveness have also distinguished the company at an international level, guaranteeing large export flow, with a strong impact on turnover (in 2014, more than 50% of production).

Larident, based in Genoa, distributes its products in over 70 countries around the world and develops new products thanks to its efficient industrial division, equipped with 9 injection molding machines used for the production of over 500 items.

Moreover, since 2007, it has been successfully operating in the pharmaceutical sector, to which it proposes itself with a line of products mainly related to dental hygiene and prophylaxis.

The most successful items are prosthetic containers (about 5,000,000 pieces produced and sold in 2019), a wide range of protective visors, the widest variety of bur holders on the market, and various disposable items ( for example the trays made of 3 different types of plastic and in 27 different models).

An internationally recognized peculiarity is the production of private label material.

The real strong point is the great work team, “We strongly believe in the value of our human resources. Employees are the heart of our company ”.

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